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TRINITY TRUMPET, our monthly newsletter, is mailed to members and friends once per month. It is our way of communicating news of interest to the congregations. Through December 2017, DUET was the name of the newsletter between St. John Lutheran and Trinity UMC. The DUET is available on line in .pdf format. To the left on this page you will see the newsletter Index. Click on the issue you want to read.

Several years ago Trinity and St. John churches determined it would be in the best interest of both churches to combine mailing of our newsletters. A contest was held and names solicited for the name of the newsletter. The winner of the contest was invited to lunch with the pastors. At that time, Trinity's newsletter was The Circuit Rider. The winning name selected by the pastors was DUET since it best characterized the nature of the newsletter. Our goal was to communicate to both churches in the Joint Venture in a way that would keep both congregations informed of their activities and ministries. The Joint Venture is in dissolution proceedings.

The old DUET for St. John and Trinity churches is published here as well as Trinity's new newsletter. Some contents of the published newsletter may be edited and omitted on these pages. If you would like to receive the Trinity Trumpet by U.S. Mail, please contact the Church Office.

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